Frequently Asked Questions

All the payments must be cleared on the last day of the shoot. So if you have 3 days booked with us, you must pay all the payments due on the last of those 3 days. Please note no amount of post-production or editing will take place until the payment is made.

The wedding film draft 1 is usually prepared within 5 months after your wedding day.

Changes are only limited to cutting shots. Style of editing, changing songs, order of scenes or any other changes cannot be made. You have 1 month to get back to us with changes or the draft will be considered as a final film.

Changes must be written in hour minute seconds to hour minute seconds so:

 00:10: 15 to 00:10:30 delete

You must provide songs of your choice before editing begins. If Silver Halo team uses songs of its choice, they cannot be changed after the first draft is given.

The final product is given on a USB and online as a vimeo link (first draft is also given as a password protected vimeo link). No DVDs or discs. Any request for DVDs will incur a charge of £90.

Your photographs are sent over via an online downloadable link within 1 month  after your wedding day.

Photographs are lightly touched up. You can select up to 30 images from each day for a detail touch up.

Unless specified, all the images are digital and no prints are provided as part of the package.

A minimum of 2 month’s notice is required to change the dates or less the the deposit will be lost.


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